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The jewellery design studio where you can transform your ideas into real objects and create your custom jewellery pieces. You can let your imagination free, we are here to support you in any aspect of jewellery design from the scratch to 3D files ready to print and manufacturing.

In Jewellery LAB Design Studio we provide complex services to design your jewellery collections in high quality aligning with your branding and vision as well as with the newest trends and targeted audience.

Working with Jewellery LAB not only you will get professional assistance at any stage of your project but also fell good vibes and ambience of creativity. We can brainstorm together to put your project to another level or if you just need to have your job done, you will get it. We work with clients from all around the globe, but we are based in Porto, Portugal. Feel welcome to visit us and talk over a cup of coffee about your project.